We report an interesting photo exhibition “Eatalian Photography” Eatily at Florence shots taken by a group of students of the Italian Academy of Photography Course coordinated by Professor Lorenzo Michelini. What you will see? Ingredients and dishes typical of Italian culinary tradition as if they were paintings on canvas. Cutting as palettes, foods such as colors. the shots, exposed by 15 July, tell the good food and healthy eating.

Eatalian Photography

In the themed rooms have been set up in a permanette micro gastronomic : culinary flanking images and products in an alternation of colors and flavors capture the visitor. The Eatalian Photography shots were made by Bianchi Asia, Francesco Bianchini, Sara Liang Shilin , Federica Pieraccioli , Gloria Rwayitare , Vincenzo Viggiano . The graphic design is Camilla Macerini, fresh degree in Graphic Design at the Academy Italian.

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