Presentation of the book in Milan “Jerusalem. Photographs by Lidia Bagnara”

lidia bagnara

Monday 13 September 2021, to hours 19.00, the book published by Danilo Montanari Editore Ravenna will be presented in the spaces of Despite Marras in Milan, June 2021. Lidia Bagnara spoke about it, Giovanna Calvenzi and Francesca Alfano Miglietti. The event is organized on the occasion of the exhibitionIn Zir – My travels to Jerusalem – Photo by Lidia Bagnara, in corso fino al 19 September 2021: a selection of a hundred shots that tell the travels of Lidia Bagnara between 1991 and the 2021. A bright and colorful horizon of fragments of places, people, distances and proximity, which unites India with Cappadocia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, l’Italia.

The volume, which contains the texts by Giovanna Calvenzi and Manuela Dviri and a rich photographic apparatus composed of 40 illustrazioni a colori, it is configured as a photographic reportage built by Lidia Bagnara over the course of three years, tra il 2015 and the 2018.

Says the author: "Anyone who asks me what you think of this city always makes me answer that I don't know if Jerusalem exists and I add that it is the only one to show itself only to those who want. I don't think you can see her if she doesn't choose to be seen ".

As Giovanna Calvenzi recalls, for Lidia, “the journey is going to a place she does not know and where she recognizes the things she has never seen. Even if "the place" is his periodic destination. Bring back pictures. The basis is photographic but they are images, images of emotions rather than photographs. Lidia Bagnara's travels are mysterious. His images are mysterious ".

Milan, September 2021

dida photo attached:

Lidia Bagnara

Jewish Quarter Old City Jerusalem, 2018

Digital photo


Book presentation: Jerusalem –  Photographs by Lidia Bagnara, Danilo Montanari Publisher, Ravenna, June 2021

Headquarters: Despite Marras, via Cola di Rienzo 8, Milan.

Data: Monday 13 September 2021, hours 19.00 | Free admission

Info: tel.:02 76280991| |

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